For some people, buying a house is a major accomplishment in life, given the ever-increasing house prices. Surely there are many plans that will be done with the family when occupying a new house. However, before carrying out these plans, it’s a good idea to do these 3 important things:

1. Pay Attention to Safety and Comfort

If you buy a house from a developer or third party, it’s a good idea to consider changing the house keys. Not only lock the front door of the house, you should also replace the garage key and lock each room. Because, you don’t know anyone who has had the keys to your home unit.

Also check the electrical center and the location of the main switch. This needs to be done so that you can anticipate an explosion in the event of an electrical short or fire. Also study the location of the main water line valve so you can understand how to operate it.

2. Design and Beautify the Room

After the home security section is complete, now is the time to think about the arrangement or interior of your residence. It is better if you hire the services of an experienced interior designer to help you design the appearance of the house. However, if you want to do it yourself, try looking for home interior design inspiration from the internet. Do not forget to determine the theme of the room and furniture according to your needs.

3. Hold a Housewarming/New Home Thanksgiving

Housewarming or what we usually know as a housewarming event, is an event held as a form of gratitude from the new home owner. In general, in Indonesia, housewarming events are synonymous with family reunions, reading prayers from relatives, or just having a meal and congratulating the owner of the house.

Not only in Indonesia, several other countries also have a tradition of salvation or housewarming with unique gifts that contain meaning and hope. For example in Korea, guests who come usually bring gifts in the form of toilet tissue. This toilet tissue has the meaning that everything is expected to go easily for the host, like tissue that is easily soluble in water.

Then there is detergent, which means the hope that the host will be filled with lots of money like an abundance of detergent foam, and matches which symbolize the hope that the host will get rich quickly like a fire that quickly burns.

It’s different in Italy, guests who come must bring wine, bread, rice, candles, and a broom.

Wine and bread symbolize prayer and hope that the owner of the house will never go hungry, rice means hope that the owner of the house will soon be blessed with offspring. In addition, there are also candles that symbolize life that is always shining for the owner of the house and a broom which symbolizes the hope that a new home will be free from negative energy

So, are you ready to move into a new house? Hope your new home will give you lots of memories with your loved ones