In general, the terrace of the house serves as a place to welcome guests or just to put shoes and sandals

But in fact, you can use the terrace of the house as a place to relax, play, and channel hobbies even though the size is not too big.
There are many ways to decorate a small home terrace to make it feel more cozy. For those of you who are curious, take a look at the tips and tricks below.

Tips for decorating a tiny house terrace
Before we discuss tips on arranging a residential terrace, you should first know the meaning and differences of terraces and balconies.

Terrace comes from the Latin, namely “Terrace” which means earth. This indicates that it is parallel to the floor of the house or slightly higher than the surrounding ground.
Then, the terrace is usually found at the front and back of the house.
While the balcony is the top floor terrace in a multi-storey building, which juts outward and looks like it is attached to the wall.

Although the balcony is also called a terrace, the terrace is not necessarily the same as a balcony. It depends on the layout, size, and how it was built.

How, you understand better, right? Come on! We discuss thoroughly about decorating the terrace of a small house.

Terrace Decoration with Ceramic Motif

Maximize the appearance of the terrace of the house with a touch of ceramic motifs that will make it look unique and attractive.

Detailed designs and regular ceramic patterns are the right choice because they are very easy to mix and match.
To avoid the impression of a house terrace that is too crowded, you can work around this by choosing simple and sleek furniture.
Then, try to paint the walls of the house in neutral and light colors. This is done, to make the terrace area look wider than its actual size.
In addition to using a motif floor, you can also decorate a small house terrace with wood or cement floors to make it look more industrial.

Combine with Minimalist Furniture

The main key in decorating a minimalist terrace is furniture, because furniture can change the appearance of the terrace for the better.

In choosing and placing furniture should not be arbitrary.

You must know the size of the terrace you have, then choose the appropriate size of furniture and materials.

Now you need to know too, indoor and outdoor furniture materials are clearly different starting from the material, durability, and how to clean it.

For example, outdoor furniture materials are usually made of plastic, aluminum, rattan, and even iron because they are resistant to weather changes.

As an alternative, you can choose furniture models such as a minimalist table set made of aluminum or rattan.

Besides having a slim shape, this type of furniture like the picture above is also more concise and easy to store.

Add Various Ornamental Plants

Create a beautiful and soothing terrace with various types of ornamental plants that are soothing to the eyes.
Ornamental plants are also very important, in beautifying a decoration. However, not all ornamental plants can be placed carelessly.

There are several ways to arrange plants so that they are pleasing to the eye and look neater, such as:

  • Choice of plants that are easy to care for
  • Select multiple plants by color and height
  • Avoid types of plants that can harm children, such as cacti and roses on the floor
  • Create a vertical mini garden if the size of the terrace is too narrow

In addition to presenting ornamental plants, you can turn the front or back area of the terrace into a private garden.

Installing Unique Ornaments as Theme

Incorporating various unique ornaments such as traditional Javanese knick-knacks, will certainly make the terrace look unique.
Not only does it show an authentic impression, but the terrace decoration of the small house is able to bring an atmosphere of comfort and intimacy when gathering.

In addition, you can also combine it with various styles that are currently popular, such as minimalist, rustic, or Scandinavian.
Like the Terrace Campus, where each unit is built with a gazebo that adopts the Balinese architectural style.

Small Terrace with Tiny Fish Pond

The real terrace of the house is not only in front of the house, but also behind the house.
Utilize the terrace as a relaxing area to unwind, by making a small fish pond.
In addition to providing self-relaxation from a tired routine, a terrace with a fish pond can also be a place to channel hobbies.

Here are some small home patio decorating tips that you can try.