Mezzanine is an additional floor that has an open design with a low height near the ceiling.


Of all the material choices, mild steel mezzanines are the material choices that are in great demand with various advantages.

This time, we will describe 5 advantages of lightweight steel mezzanines along with inspiration for lightweight steel designs that you can apply to various needs.

Light weight

As the name implies, mild steel has a light weight so you don’t have to worry about making mezzanines affecting the structure and construction of the existing space. This light weight also facilitates the installation process because the process of moving material becomes easier.


Mild steel material can support loads solidly without casting.

However, what needs to be considered is the system selection and installer power for your mild steel mezzanine design. Make sure you choose high-quality mild steel and use experienced installers so that the application of the light steel mezzanine design in your home is more guaranteed and the results are satisfactory.

Easy to install

The light weight of the light steel mezzanine design will facilitate the installation process. The process of installing this mild steel mezzanine is also fairly fast because it doesn’t go through the casting step which usually takes a long time. Therefore, the lightweight steel mezzanine design is the right choice for homeowners who need additional space in their homes in a short time.

Flexible design

The light steel mezzanine design is most suitable for complementing homes with industrial concepts.

Relatively more economical

Regarding costs, mild steel mezzanines are relatively more economical than other mezzanine frame materials. The lightweight steel mezzanine design does not require casting which usually costs so much.

Those are the 5 advantages of mild steel mezzanines along with inspiration for lightweight steel mezzanine designs that can be a solution for additional space in your home. Trust the planning of your dream home with a professional architect and interior designer.