Limited land often makes homeowners have to sacrifice space for the garage because the occupants of the house have more than one vehicle. This of course can limit access to road users’ mobility and also does not guarantee the safety of your vehicle. To have a garage, you don’t have to need a large area.


Minimalist garage model

If you are a home owner who owns a vehicle, it’s a good idea to plan a garage from the time the house is built. For the model, you can follow the shape of the existing land. If your house has square land, you can prepare the front side of the house. However, if your land is rectangular, you can make it on the side of the house.

Minimalist home garage model in the dwelling

For you small house owners, you can make a minimalist home garage that blends with the main building. Garage can be placed next to the entrance. The door can use a rolling door and can be painted to match the exterior color of the house so that it looks the same. Then, you can set aside the front garden as a path in and out of the car.

Simple only with a roof without walls

You can also make a minimalist garage as simple as possible. Most importantly, you can use it to store vehicles. A minimalist home garage can be positioned outside the main building, without walls and doors, only in the form of pillars supporting the iron roof. This minimalist home garage is ready to protect vehicles from heat and rain.

It has a pergola roof

Try using a pergola to shade or protect from the heat and sun. This pergola is in the form of a lattice arranged parallel to each other. This lattice makes the sunlight form beautiful shadows when it hits the pergola. You can use wood or metal materials to make the pergola construction.

Industrial in a minimalist home garage

Nothing wrong with applying a minimalist style but with a masculine touch. Industrial style for example. You can use some unfinished materials such as bricks and red bricks. For the floor material, you can use printed concrete. This makes the floor non-slippery making it easier for cars to get in and out.