Looking for living room design inspiration needs to be equated with the size of the room at home as desired. So when arranging the living room can create a pleasant design. Broadly speaking, the living room is indeed the first area that needs decoration and also the selection of the right concept to produce an inviting living room for guests or relatives. The following is a modern minimalist living room design that you can apply:

Living Room Design

A touch of yellow for an attractive living room

This modern minimalist living room design combines two neutral and bright concepts in several parts. The choice of interior with a minimalist white background shows a small space but looks big. Even so, you can add decorations in the form of macrame with a touch of yellow to enliven the appearance of the room. Decorate with a little fresh greenery as a natural air conditioner.

Vintage for pretty decoration

If the classic style for a minimalist living room is too ordinary, change it with a unique and stylish vintage impression. This living room design uses vintage decorations on the walls using glass window accents as decorations and a way to make the illusion of the space look wider. Use a letter L sofa for a small room size with a gray color and a more attractive contrast cushion. To refresh the view, place some ornamental plants as a sweetener in every corner of the room.

Fresh living room with lots of openings

Whatever the concept, the living room will feel stuffy without any lighting or ventilation that can regulate air circulation. Like this minimalist living room design, with a simple concept you can feel relieved. Ventilation that is not only from the main door is added on several sides of the room with wide windows and curtains. Ideas like this can be tried by combining beautiful decorations from unique wooden minimalist chairs.

Add a stool as a nice decoration

Although it looks quite simple, this minimalist living room design has complete components such as sofas, coffee tables to stools with beautiful patio chairs. You can use some decorations in the corner of the room with dried plants to make it more aesthetic.

Open plan concept for a small house

The application of the open plan concept for a small family room like this is no longer a secret. In addition to making the interior of the house more spacious, you can also minimize the furniture with less. Use the same decoration using the same color wallpaper for a warm and calm impression.